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Game Information – What you need to know about Heroes of the Storm

What is the greatest quality of Blizzard? That makes the good games? That, of course, but perhaps even more so that the Publisher there often succeed in making the right game at the right time to be delivered. Blizzard is very good at waiting until a new genre is beginning to be popular, and then a private game on the market that is more accessible than the competition. World of Warcraft is the best example. The studio has not for nothing the mantra ‘ easy to learn, hard to master ‘ are of paramount importance.

That Blizzard succeeds in on time with the right game to come, is especially handsome when you know the studio often years taking the time in any game to tinker. Similarly at Heroes of the Storm. That we were allowed to play again in 2010, when the game still went through life as a mod was for Blizzard Dota and StarCraft II. There is so for nearly four years to the game worked, which is pretty long for a project that Blizzard itself as ‘ small-scale ‘ calls.

That Blizzard has taken the time, probably comes by the competition. When the Blizzard StarCraft-mod showed was League of Legends just a year out and had Valve just announced it wanted to bring out Dota 2. Especially the plans of Valve caused Blizzard suddenly something else against Blizzard Dota to went looking. If only because there is a legal battle threatened around the name of the mod. After some wrangling got Valve the right to change the term to use and had to invent anything else Blizzard Dota.

The new MOBA from Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm, would be in technical alpha are testbuild, which is the first to test outside the offices of Blizzard is. The alpha will be first only for North America and the North American press before moving to other regions.

For Blizzard is the technical alpha intended primarily to see how the game performs on a broader spectrum of machines and connections. So the company can quickly identify and solve possible compatibility issues. It is interesting to note that there is no NDA is for any person who will direct the game will test. We will soon see an influx of content so on Youtube and Twitch.

The game has got to be still a long way and so far we have only seen what Blizzard has shown us during Blizzcon and during a number of matches between the developers. The only thing we can say with certainty, however, is that the game is not such an extensive ‘ lane has as his two most important phase ‘ counterparts. Blizzard wants to with the own MOBA mainly focus on teamplay early in the match. Also, there will be different maps from the start, again in contrast to the two main competitors.

The closed Alpha test of Heroes of the Storm, the latest offering under the MOBA’s where you battle it out with all Blizzard-characters is ‘ soon ‘ available around the world.

Blizzard left in a blog post that the Alpha previously available only for North American players was, by an upcoming update for Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, New Zealand will be available. For now only in English you can register here for a chance to in the Alpha to be admitted.

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